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I don't post journals often, but I feel this is important. Please, if any of you guys can help these people out in any way you can, that would greatly be appreciated. All of them are in bad situations and I bet any help they get is very appreciated.
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:star::star: Financial emergencyHello there!
So, unfortunately, things have not been well with my family as of late. Last week, my ten year old niece was taken to the hospital.
She awoke to an excruciating pain in the back of her thigh and lower back, and she couldn’t move her left leg. She couldn’t walk because of it, and at first we suspected it to be a pulled muscle. however, it didn’t clear up, and a trip to the hospital ended with her being transferred to the Children’s Hospital approximately four hours upstate.
The new wasn’t good. A massive staph infection in her pelvic bone and the surrounding muscle, as well as a bacterial infection in her blood. She’s still in the hospital and is suspected to stay there for the next two to four weeks, and will unfortunately have to have a PICC line for up to three months to continue treatment.
It’s been rough! Her mother is a single parent that is between jobs, having been just two days away from starting a new job when this transpi

Medical AssistanceUpdate: The surgery went very well and he is having an excellent recovery!  He still has to pay the bills though.  =P
My uncle has a severe health condition called hyperparathyroidism and cannot afford the medical costs.  For the rest of March and April, any proceeds I make from music commissions will go toward his hospital bills.
Commission information here:

If you'd rather donate directly to his fund, you can through this GoFundMe campaign my father started.
If you can neither commission me nor donate, it would bless me and my uncle if you shared this journal.  Heart

!UPDATES! X2 Please...We need a miracle...1-26-2017 PM UPDATES: waiting a call back from a group that may be able to give me prescription assistance on my pain and fibro meds. 
Just got off the phone with them. It would be $80 a month plus a $50 enrollment fee and would take 4-6 weeks to get the first refill through them. That would be $80 I'd have to have in my PayPal account every month.  I can talk to a member of the MAPS organization through the place where I get therapy in the next few days...they may be able to find a way to help but since it's pain medication, they're not sure. The program through the maker of two of the three meds has a program where I may be able to get them for free, but once again it will take 2-4 weeks to be approved or disapproved.

1-26-2017 UPDATES:
I know they advise keeping such things updated so I will let you know how things go. So far $300 has shown up in my PayPal. I've paid my cell bill and am getting my meds filled tomorrow...The outpouri

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