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I don't post journals often, but I feel this is important. Please, if any of you guys can help these people out in any way you can, that would greatly be appreciated. All of them are in bad situations and I bet any help they get is very appreciated.
Added a new journal.

:star::star: Financial emergencyHello there!
So, unfortunately, things have not been well with my family as of late. Last week, my ten year old niece was taken to the hospital.
She awoke to an excruciating pain in the back of her thigh and lower back, and she couldn’t move her left leg. She couldn’t walk because of it, and at first we suspected it to be a pulled muscle. however, it didn’t clear up, and a trip to the hospital ended with her being transferred to the Children’s Hospital approximately four hours upstate.
The new wasn’t good. A massive staph infection in her pelvic bone and the surrounding muscle, as well as a bacterial infection in her blood. She’s still in the hospital and is suspected to stay there for the next two to four weeks, and will unfortunately have to have a PICC line for up to three months to continue treatment.
It’s been rough! Her mother is a single parent that is between jobs, having been just two days away from starting a new job when this transpi

Medical AssistanceUpdate: The surgery went very well and he is having an excellent recovery!  He still has to pay the bills though.  =P
My uncle has a severe health condition called hyperparathyroidism and cannot afford the medical costs.  For the rest of March and April, any proceeds I make from music commissions will go toward his hospital bills.
Commission information here:

If you'd rather donate directly to his fund, you can through this GoFundMe campaign my father started.
If you can neither commission me nor donate, it would bless me and my uncle if you shared this journal.  Heart

!UPDATES! X2 Please...We need a miracle...1-26-2017 PM UPDATES: waiting a call back from a group that may be able to give me prescription assistance on my pain and fibro meds. 
Just got off the phone with them. It would be $80 a month plus a $50 enrollment fee and would take 4-6 weeks to get the first refill through them. That would be $80 I'd have to have in my PayPal account every month.  I can talk to a member of the MAPS organization through the place where I get therapy in the next few days...they may be able to find a way to help but since it's pain medication, they're not sure. The program through the maker of two of the three meds has a program where I may be able to get them for free, but once again it will take 2-4 weeks to be approved or disapproved.

1-26-2017 UPDATES:
I know they advise keeping such things updated so I will let you know how things go. So far $300 has shown up in my PayPal. I've paid my cell bill and am getting my meds filled tomorrow...The outpouri

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  GiantPurpleCat Commission Sheet by GiantPurpleCat
:star::star: You do not have to request a slot number. I start commissions when I get paid, I do not go by slot order unless you paid for your commission to be prioritized. Basically, slot numbers mean nothing unless you've either paid or paid for a priority commission. :star::star:
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I will update my journal on the progress of your commission/art trades. Please check this journal regularly if you wish to see said progress.

 More examples of my art! 👇👇👇

SL: Contract Purifier by GiantPurpleCat  SL: Ready to Ball by GiantPurpleCat  SL: Freeze Frame! by GiantPurpleCat
SL: Cuttin' Ya Up by GiantPurpleCat  SL: Wait up! by GiantPurpleCat  Commission: Dice-King - Oberon by GiantPurpleCat
 Second art style available! 👆👆👆


Due to a couple of incidences which I will not name, I have decided to establish new rules for my art trades.

I have also set-up a couple rules about my commissions as well since I did not have any set-up in the past.

Art Trade Rules:
:bulletblack: To make things fair, I must ask you to finish your side of the trade first and then I will start on your side of the trade.
:bulletblack: Equivalent Exhange; Ex. If you ask me to draw three characters, then you must do the same for me to make things fair.
:bulletblack: Do not rush me. Please understand that I have a life outside of my computer and I am a busy person so please be considerate and patient.

Commission Rules:
:bulletpurple: I will not start your drawing unless I've been paid and if you wish to see a progress, please notify me and I will send you a sketch of your drawing(s).
:bulletpurple: If you want your drawing to be top priority and you want it quickly, I may charge an extra fee depending on how badly you want your drawing.
:bulletpurple: If you request a hold on a slot, please pay me within 2 weeks, if 2 weeks pass and I do not get paid then I will remove you from my list.
:bulletpurple: If you are on my list and you no longer wish to commission me, please notify me.
:bulletpurple: If you have any questions about what I will draw and will not draw, feel free to ask.
:bulletpurple: :new: Do not make me redo your drawing if I get your conformation on how you wanted your drawing beforehand. Example: If you told me that you wanted a drawing 'this way', and if I complete the sketch/outline/coloring 'this way' and now you want me to do it 'that way', I will either make you pay extra, reason with you to keep the original drawing or blacklist you. Please be considerate and don't make me redo an entire drawing after following your instructions.
:bulletpurple: :new: If you give me a description of how you want your commission done before I start, please be as specific as possible. Don't get mad at me if I follow your instructions to a T and you get displeased with the results and then change your mind. I will charge extra for this if this situation happens. (Also refer to previous rule.)

Small list of what I will draw and will not draw:

Will Draw:
:bulletgreen: Original Characters
:bulletgreen: Antrhos
:bulletgreen: Fan Art

Will Not Draw:
:bulletred: NSFW
:bulletred: Ideologically Sensitive Material
:bulletred: Fetish Drawings (Though, GT is considered a fetish, I will make an exception for fluffy GT since I really don't consider that a fetish)

These are just the basics of what I will and will not draw, if you have any questions concerning about what else I will or will not do, please do not hesitate to ask. But I do hold the right to refuse a commission if I deem it unfit or too explicit.

:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: = Not started
:star::star-empty::star-empty: = Sketching
:star::star::star-empty: = Outlining
:star::star::star: = Coloring

Once I finish with a commission/art trade, I will remove you from my list.

Open Slots:


If you cannot commission me, but wish to make a one-time donation, click this button here. It will help me out so much and I will thank you for your kindness.

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It's official, I'm finally done with school and I feel relieved. I did pretty good at the Portfolio Show yesterday and I had fun with my classmates. I've graduated, but I'm not gonna do the walking ceremony until much later.

Also, here's a photo of me at my booth. I usually don't tend to take photos of myself but I thought it'd be nice if you guys saw me. I also don't dress like that too often either, so don't get used to it.…
I didn't write about what happened in my class right away because I was distracted with other things but anywho, let's get started on another Portfolio class update.

Update 1: The mocked student update

Okay, so everything went pretty swell on Friday, teacher said no one was gonna fail the class and everyone's reels were finalized except for a few students.

Now, about that student he picked on in the beginning of the class, the week after the one where she broke down crying after talking with the teacher, I told her about the teacher making the "Don't be a Lauren" joke in class and mocking her behind her back every time she left. She was disappointed to hear this when she said she cleared things up with the teacher but then I explained to her that he made that joke and kept using it when we first presented our reels which cleared things up for her.

The student then explained her aggressive attitude towards the teacher in the beginning. She said that she has lost a lot recently, she lost a grandmother, her pet cat, her job and another grandmother of hers has cancer and her mother became depressed and she basically had zero patience left and this teacher didn't help in the beginning of the class by being a butt towards her. Even though she's cleared things up with the teacher, I still didn't like how much of an asshole the teacher was with her regardless.

He gave no regard or thought to why she was acting how she was and mocked her before even getting to know her situation. This is why I don't judge people before getting to know them properly. It's like this teacher has this mentality that "oh, people can be assholes or angry or depressed just because" and then proceeded to mock her a lot before knowing her situation. 

After clearing things up and explaining her situation to the teacher, now the teacher is acting like he's trying to apologize to her so much by acting like a two-faced hypocrite. I'm saying this because before he got to know her situation, he was like "Hey guys, don't be a Lauren!" and saying more things to mock her behind her back, and now after learning her situation he's like complimenting her, praising her and acting so nice around her like he's trying to make up for what he did to her.

Some of you may think that this is a nice thing to do, and it is, I completely agree, but he still doesn't get my respect because of how he constantly made fun of her in the beginning. He was acting like a bully that was afraid to make fun of a person or mock them in front of their face and it's very disrespectful and unprofessional for a teacher of all people, to do such a thing. No matter how nice this guy tries to act, he still won't get my respect after everything he did in this classroom.

Update 2: Class got my back

Anywho, moving onto why I love the people in my class; after presenting my reel, the teacher said I was done and he thanked me so much about removing my "Bloody Message" animation. He kept telling me that I shouldn't have blood in my reel, only for him in the next second to say, "Oh, but I have a daughter and she looks at blood and stuff and she's 13. But you should still be considerate about other kids." I literally threw my hands up in the air and I sarcastically told my teacher "Because blood is offensive to kids but porn is totally okay to show them!" and he said exactly. I cringed so hard. I don't know if he actually heard what I said and agreed with my sarcasm, or if the last part of what I said flew over his head.

The teacher leaves the classroom for a short break and pretty much all of my classmates told me to put the animation back in my reel. Some of them said the funniest things too. :XD:
"Kids aren't going to recruit you."
"Man, kids ain't the future."
"I hate kids."

I was laughing at the comments and some other people told me to do a couple of things; change the color of the blood to purple to please the teacher or make two copies of my reel and have them play back-to-back with the first reel being the one I presented in class and the second reel being the one with my Bloody Message animation in it.

To be honest, I might keep it out. The way my teacher reacted to my animation makes me wonder how many other people will get butt-hurt by my animation even though I used the blood in a comical fashion and the dialogue in my animation has blood being the main part of the joke. But, tell me what you guys think.
I felt the need to write another update about the teacher in my class because he is being extremely rude.

Okay, before some of you ask, this isn't about me, thank goodness, I've been doing a lot better since the last journal I wrote but I will still give you guys a brief update on how I'm doing since I know some of you may want to know.

First update: My progress.

Since the last journal, which was about 2 weeks ago I believe, I've been doing better. I finally got access to my old work from my External Hard drive; I had to buy a new cradle for it because the previous one broke and I had to get some help from family in getting it. I updated my demo reel with my work and I got better comments on it, the class loved my work but the teacher's comments were still iffy to me.

The teacher asked me to make changes to finalized animations I had done, with one of them adding birds in the trees and fixing up the background and stuff. I ignored that comment and decided to just cut the beginning shot of my animation. As for the second comment, he said he didn't want blood in my "Bloody Message" animation. He said I should remove it or censor it because "think of the children". I chose to remove the animation completely from my demo reel because the whole joke in the animation is about blood.
MS: Bloody Message by GiantPurpleCat
(If you can't see the video here on DA, I have a YouTube link here.  )

To be honest, I would have kept my animation in my reel. He was acting as if I animated something with the gore levels of Mortal Kombat X or something. Also, removing this animation from my reel left a huge chunk of empty space in it so now I have to figure out what to fill it with.

But other than that, he said my portfolio site looks good, my business cards look great (though he wanted me to change the eye on my logo because it looks like Monsters Inc. because clearly Monsters Inc. hold copyright on all simplistic eye logos in the world) and my reel was definitely better this time around.


Second Update: The Teacher being an asshole behind a student's back.

Excuse my language, but it had to be said. His behavior towards this one student in my class is unacceptable.

Some brief information: This particular student is very amazing with her animations. She has shown plenty of animations she's done in Flash which are fluid and have a lot of movement and action in them. Now, in the beginning of this semester, she was happy to present her work and everyone was impressed with it. She put a lot of hard work and dedication into her animations and when we had to present our first rough draft of our reels during midterms, the teacher started being an ass to her.

I say this because of what the teacher announced to the class as they had to work on their reels; He told the class that he has to see an update of the reel every week until the Portfolio show in the last week of the semester, and obviously, our first rough drafts won't be that good and we will need to put some more work in it before it can be finalized. Now then, this student put her reel together, putting in her best illustrations and animations in it, she was one of the first ones to finish because she basically had every thing ready before hand and then the teacher came along to see her work. Note: keep in mind what he said about the reels not being prefect in the first run since this is still a rough draft. Okay, when she showed the teacher her reel he just sat there and said "It's perfect. You don't need to do anything more. You're done." The student was confused and asked him what was wrong, and he said "Nothing. It's perfect." The student then asked again and gave the teacher some attitude because the teacher didn't properly critique her reel. The teacher added that she needs to add some flare to her name and information in the beginning and ending of the reel, but that was about it. The student then agreed and started to make something for her intro and outro.

Moving onto next week, when the class had to present their first rough drafts, this was also the same week I wrote the first Portfolio journal a few weeks back.
When it was time to present, students showed their first rough drafts and they got some comments and critiques on what to change, what to do and etc.. When it was this students turn, she presented her reel the class was wowed, save for the teacher. The teacher then said that he didn't feel like he was looking at a reel, he said he felt like he was looking at a musical. He said this because of this students animations mostly consisted of dance scenes, but not all of them.

I sat here confused wondering why the teacher says this when this student is showing her animation skills with something that's hard to animate? It's like he completely ignored the fact she animated all of her stuff and judged her reel more like something he was watching on TV rather than giving her an actual critique. Like, excuse her for showing her animation skills?? Again, with this fact, he failed to give this student proper criticism and tell her what was wrong with her reel and what she needed to fix. The student, again, kept asking the teacher what was wrong but the teacher was like "Don't give me attitude". The student just up and left the class, clearly stressed because of the teacher not giving her proper comments and critiques and shortly after she left and we finished watching the reels, the teacher was like "Don't be a Lauren, okay?" He basically mocks her, behind her back because of the attitude and stress she's going through. This reminds me of the "Krusty Krab Training" video from SpongeBob when the narrator tells SpongeBob "Nobody wants to be a Squidward", obviously mocking him because Squidward was a bad example of an employee. The teacher was basically doing just that. And he made this a running thing too, like a running gag among the class and would always say "Don't be a Lauren" whenever she's not in the classroom.

Now then, Friday of the 26th in my class is when the crap hit the fan with this student. After midterms, I've noticed her behavior, with each week progressing she looked worse and worse. With each passing week she look more stressed, distressed and now, on the 26th, she looked downright depressed. On Friday, she was just sitting there in the classroom hanging her head and just blankly staring at her computer screen all day in class doing absolutely nothing, she also started to speak with a low voice, she always speaks with a loud and clear voice, but not this time.
That day, the teacher wanted to check the students' portfolio sites and also sign a graduation clearance sheet for the students, when it was that time for the student to leave again, the teacher hollered at her like he was her father and said "Don't leave, I need to talk to you." She said okay and left class to get her papers signed.

Some time later when she came back, the teacher and her were outside of the classroom to chat. The door was left open so I could see them talking outside, I didn't hear the conversation though since I was listening to music as I was working. A couple minutes later I see her outside; she just broke down and started balling her eyes out. She was sitting on the floor crying out loud and all I could do was just sit and watch as she broke down. I could tell the amount of stress and crap from the teacher finally got to her and she just couldn't take it anymore. I stopped my music for a bit to hear some of the conversation and what I heard is that the student kept asking the teacher what was wrong with her work and he never tells her. I didn't hear what the teacher said, but when they came back inside the classroom the teacher said that he would finally tell the student what she needs to do to fix her reel and the student said that, that was all she wanted.

After that, I just felt so bad for her. To be honest, I believe she has had it a lot worse than I have. After she started crying, I just wanted to hug her and tell her everything was gonna be alright. I just hope she feels better soon because she doesn't deserve this crap treatment from this teacher. I still don't like this teacher's "criticism", I'm using that term loosely, with her and me. I feel like it's just us two that get the crap criticism while the rest of the class gets a proper one. I just wish I could have recorded this teacher's comments with my phone, but I didn't because I would have never expected his comments and critiques to be this bad and horrific against us two.
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So, my portfolio class is destroying my patience and is driving me up the wall.
I didn't want to talk about what happened since I was infuriated about what happened in my portfolio class on Friday and I wanted to calm down a bit before I wrote anything so I played a bit of Warframe and chatted with a friend; both really helped me a lot.

Any who, before I talk about what happened yesterday, a little information about my portfolio teacher. He loves 3D, a lot, and he is basically forcing every student in the class, willing or not, to put some form of 3D work in their portfolios. Me, I am not good with 3D nor do I like working with it but this teacher still insists I do work I'm not good with because "the industry demands it". I am a character designer and 2D animator and I hate working with 3D, especially Zbrush.

On the first week of this semester, every student had to present some of their work to the teacher to give him examples of our work and such. As he was going around, I was preparing my work and when it was my turn to show him my work, I would say, he hated my work.
He looked through my drawings and I saw a look on his face that said he was unimpressed with what he saw. He said my poses are dynamic, but my work is not suited for the industry because I don't draw backgrounds behind my character drawings... I kid you not, he really said this. Continuing on, I showed him my animations. He said they're decent and didn't have any reaction upon seeing them when I showed him my animations. The teacher then goes on to me about how I draw in the "anime" style and that my work is not acceptable in the industry and that I should model some of my characters in 3D. I told him that I cannot model a character in 3D and he retorts with "So, you quit?" I told him no and again told him that I literally cannot do a character model in 3D. Again, he retorts with "So you quit?" He also told me that if I can draw characters in dynamic poses in 2D, I can sculpt in 3D... He then leaves and goes onto the next student, next thing I hear is this guy praising the student so much and I kept hearing him saying "Wow! This is great! I love this!" and he spends the rest of the class looking at their work. I lost what little is left of my self- esteem that day.

Moving onto the present day, or should I say, yesterday, it gets worse. The class had to present rough drafts of their demo reels and mine wasn't ready so I spent some time to add some work, my external hard drive's cradle is broken so I can't access my old work that I can present. As the teacher was looking at the students reels, he gave some bits of criticism and didn't say anything too harsh/rash to the students. He simply told them which work to present first and which ones to take out. When it finally gets to my turn, the teacher ignores me even though he asks me for my reel. When I was rendering my reel, he gets distracted by Zbrush and presents some stuff. A student makes it worse by telling him about some new brush tool in that program and the teacher continues to ignore me and goes to look for this new brush. I was ignored for about 5-10 minutes, waiting for him to criticize my reel. When he finally gets the new brush and sees my reel in the class folder he takes a look at it. He was disappointed with my work, again. He said there was "no movement" in my reel and my animations are "decent" but not good enough to be presentable. And for one of my animations, he says this, and I quote "This is not animation. There's no movement at all. It's just a lip sync." and then he proceeds to mock me and the animation by imitating it. And again, he keeps asking me "Where are the character models? Are you going to do any?" even though I told him over and over again that I cannot model a character in 3D. I even told him last week that if I could do a 3D animation instead and he said yeah. Oh, and to make things worse, the animations I showed him in my reel, he saw them last week and said they looked fine. But yesterday, he tells me they're bad.

I grew very infuriated and I feel like the teacher specifically hates my work because he has not belittled the other students like he did me. He says "I'm going to be a total dick to you guys so I can push you hard and make you guys present great work" (Yes, he actually said that) but yet, he praises everyone in the class but me. He trashes my work left and right while the rest of the class gets a free pass. As if I didn't have enough self-esteem issues, this man makes it worse by treating me like a piece of crap. It's people like him why I think my art is no good. But I know what you guys are gonna say, "Don't let his words get to you" or something along the lines of not letting his words influence me on the view of my own art. But it's hard for me to do so, when his stupid comments about my art keep floating around in my head. The day after the first day in my portfolio class, I literally could not draw. My hands felt weak and my mind was empty. All I kept thinking about were his stupid comments. The day after, I felt a little bit better, but I still couldn't draw anything. I tried sketching, but nothing. I felt like I lost my ability to draw. I felt like nothing.

I just wish I could get over this class already. I just want to graduate and leave.
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New update, scroll down journal to see.

5/29/2016: I know this is old now, but I still laugh at this every time I see it.

That's right folks, you read that right. Two kids (I'm assuming they're kids) think I stole a drawing for a contest I recently entered and won.

Sprinkles, the Squid Blasting Ice Cream Shark by GiantPurpleCat

This drawing to be exact. (Edit: 10/24/2015; I updated this drawing with my Twitter handle and EpicDuel username.)

*Ahem* Okay, so, here's the story; At the beginning of this month, BioBeasts announced a contest to create a Beast and post it up on Twitter to their contest feed. Some time passes later and I see the winners announced and I was among one of them. I was really happy and excited and I was awarded $50 worth of points to which I can use on any Artix Entertainment game.

Today I check my email and I got an email notification from Twitter that I've been mentioned in some tweets, curious, I go to check it out. To my surprise, I see this.

Twitter Feed by GiantPurpleCat

My Twitter username is BlackCrowKnight because the name GiantPurpleCat was taken on that site.

After seeing this, I started laughing. I couldn't believe that these kids got mad at me just because I won a contest fair and square. The staff at Artix Entertainment do their research so they will know if a drawing was stolen or not. Mind you, I have my real name on both my Twitter and DeviantArt and if the staff did think I stole the drawing, they would have notified me immediately. They do background checks for every art contest entry for all of their contests, if I did, somehow, steal this drawing and submit it to them, they would have told me and disqualified me, but they didn't because they knew I drew this.

So now, I had to tell these kids that the drawing belongs to me and that this DeviantArt account is mine. Since I just replied to them, I don't know if they will reply back and issue an apology or not. But I do want an apology from these two because they're spreading lies and misinformation and that's not cool.

UPDATE: I never got a reply back from that kid who keeps spreading lies about me "stealing" the drawing. He's still crying and whining that "someone better deserves the prize", ironic, coming from someone who's a narcissist, calls everyone a noob, gets mad over the simplest of things and downloads games and emulators and is too cheap to support Artix Entertainment because "they're a rip off", wanting to use bots, asking people for their game accounts and the list goes on.

UPDATE 2: He never responded to me or my posts and never gave me an apology. I either shut the kid up by proving him wrong, or something else. I don't know.
Before you type a comment, hear me out.

I love this game series, truly I do. I've been a fan since the first game and I love each sequel that comes out, but I decided to write a journal explaining as to why I think this is not the "scariest game ever made". I also decided to write a journal how I feel about this to get it off my chest.

The reason why I don't think this series is the "scariest game ever made" is because, like art, horror is completely subjective and not everyone will be enjoy the same thing. There are people afraid of heights and those who love being high up in the air. If this truly was "the scariest game ever made" then everyone, literally everyone, would be afraid of this game.

This is a thing that bugs me to about people attacking this game series. The overly excited fans will tell everyone that this game is the "scariest" and forget that fact that, again, not everyone is afraid of the same thing. There are people who watch horror and gory movies like a chick flick and others who are afraid of them. Next time, consider this, if you find the game scary to you, then it's scary to you. If you tell someone else this game is scary, ask them this, "Have you played the game? Do you think it's scary?" Obviously, if they say no, then they aren't afraid. Don't bug them with "Oh, I bet you haven't played it and blah blah blah". What if they have played through all games entirely? You didn't see them play so you can't jump to conclusions and say that they didn't.

Horror is subjective and not everyone is afraid of the same thing. People can still enjoy and like this game even when they're not scared of it. So, don't get your shorts in a twist if someone says that this game isn't scary.
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While I was checking my Facebook, I stumbled across this post a friend of mine posted.

Apparently, someone created a version of Five Nights at Freddy's, but with Disney characters.

Update: I found the creator of the game. He is right here on this site.

The video is here. Asides from the obvious, if you don't like scary things or jumpscares, do not watch!

The guy even posted a link to download the game for those who are interested.
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Okay, it's not me though. Let me explain the situation right now.:

I have a Concept Art and Design class which I am currently taking right now and I have no problem with the work I have to later present.

(Keep this in mind, in this class we must present our work!) Just letting you know this right now.

Everyone seems to have interesting work to present, except one particular student in my class.

I will let you guys know this student is an adult male who looks to be around his mid 20s - 30s. And he's been drawing, uhm, things. I will let you guys know, I do not have a problem with homophobia whatsoever but, his work, to me, shouldn't be presented in front of the whole class. AT ALL.

I would say it's something you would not present, even as portfolio work and something like this should be kept personal.

*Que the "Get on with it!" scene from Monthy Python* Okay, yes! I'm getting to that!

This guy has been drawing half-naked, homosexual burly, hairy men. And some dressed in some BDSM type of clothing like skin tight leather pants and the such.
(Mind you these are gay porn-esque drawings too. He even used a gay porn model in another class I had with him before.)

Look, it's the guys interests, I'll leave him with that, but the thing that bothers me is. This is not what you would present at a job.

I would never in my career present suggestive art like that. The reason this bothers me because he's presenting something that will bother some people. And things like this, aren't exactly what you'd present if you went to get a job at an animation studio... I mean, if I were to draw something bloody and gory, I wouldn't draw it on my stuff I'd put in my portfolio. (People get disturbed by blood and gore too, not just stuff like this.)

Don't put present things like this in front of a whole class. There will be mixed reactions and please be considerate of your audience. There are people who would be put off by this stuff and say "No way" the second they see it and reject it. If you're going to present something, present something that everyone in the audience will agree with and don't put any suggestive content in your drawings. As much of a good artist that guy is, the stuff he's drawing isn't something I'd show my client or an animation studio I wish to work with.
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Yup. You read right. I apparently offended someone on this site with a wee little stamp I made 6 years ago. When little ol' me was in the middle of high school.

This stamp to be exact:
Stamp - Poo to Yaoi by GiantPurpleCat

Okay, I will not reveal the person, but I will copy what they said about this particular stamp.

"Do you even know what the word "yaoi" means to everyone? No, ok it means different things to different people. To some it means m/m porn, to others it means paring m/m characters together romantically, and to others it just means gay couples. You might not like what you think is "yaoi" but you had to go and make a dirty stamp like this? Calling something that means a lot to many different people stupid? Do you understand how much this actually can mean? For me, personally, and I mean "yaoi" and "yuri" here, it meant freedom when I first saw it. As I was a closeted pansexual for the longest time (I didn't get comfortable with it until I was about 17, that means all of high-school I was attracted to males and females and confused and hiding it and thinking I was wrong and stupid.) When I got somewhat comfortable with myself and I went online and found that there were large groups of people supporting sexual freedom like this in fandoms I was FUCKING HAPPY! It made me feel like there was a place I could be accepted. But yes, it's stupid. Something that could make people like me, who have to deal with backlash every day, from their own families even, stupid. Wow you are a fucking genius."

Okay, wow. Just, wow.

This person amazes me. No, really. They do.

I, in fact, do know what the term "yaoi" means. It means "No climax, no point, no meaning" . Yaoi is just gay porn and potrays men as rape machines and objects. I don't know how books about gay porn meant it "gave you freedom", seriously. That does sound way too silly. That's like me looking at Playboy magazines and then I come out and say "it gave me the freedom to express my sexual orientation".

The same applies to Yuri. It objectifies women and turn them into fap material for the reader.

I do not have a problem with this person being a pansexual but the fact that they have the nerve to say I "insulted" them, for saying that yaoi is stupid, is beyond stupid. I did not insult this person in anyway, whatsoever, with this stamp. The stamp I made is basically saying that I don't like yaoi. I didn't make this stamp as an insult to gay people.

And using the term "yaoi" to describe gay couples is actually really insulting. Sure, I'm not a homosexual and this never happened to me, but I feel like it's so stupid to call them "yaoi couples" just because they're gay and together. I mean seriously? I don't look at lesbians and say "Oh look, a yuri couple." That sounds insulting and stupid. There's a term for people like that, they're called "homosexuals", "gay" or "lesbian" and etc.. Not "yaoi" or "yuri" couples.

Yeah, I understand there's people who don't understand the term of said words, but like a school of fish, they just follow the crowd and use the words according to said crowd.


What I'm trying to say is, don't use a term like "yaoi" and/or "yuri" to describe homosexual couples. That's not how it works. Yaoi and Yuri stories/books/whatever are fap material meant to appeal to a certain gender. They both turn a gender into objects and sex machines. This doesn't make homosexuals look any better. It makes them look like a toy/sex object so that the reader has something to fap or "get off" on.

And kids, don't follow a crowd when you don't know the true meaning of a word. Go do your research and look it up instead. You'll be surprised.
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Okay, so the doctors told me that I have this virus in my legs which is what's giving me my leg sores and this virus also happens to give me fever symptoms. I stayed at the hospital overnight and I got my IVs and everything. I am back home and my mom got some medications for me so I can feel better. :aww:

I do pray that I feel better soon. :meow:
Okay, so, here's the story. I have had horrible, horrible leg pains that don't seem to heal AT ALL for at least three days and some headaches (mostly small ones) through out some of those days (I had a terrifying head one of the days but my mother gave me some ibuprofen to get rid of it.), my metabolism seems to be acting quicker now because I get hungry constantly and every time I eat something the flavor quickly goes away and is replaced by a bland taste in my mouth. Also, in a couple nights; the first night I had this sudden freezing in my chest and I could not sleep unless I warmed it up, which took at least an hour or so, and the same thing happened to me again yesterday night and it was awful trying to go to sleep. If you guys know what's wrong with me, that would be nice. :aww:

Also, after I took a shower some of the pain in my legs actually went away so maybe cold/hot/warm water is the cure?

Good thing is, I just purchased some IcyHot and applied them to my legs and they got the job done but I feel like the pain is going to come back unless I do something about this.
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I am not the greatest artist nor will ever be. One thing is for sure, when my drawings make people happy, I become happy and I realize that I do not need to be the absolute best to be considered a great artist but just be myself.

~Nohely Zavala

I just wanted to share this and maybe lift up and motivate some people with this. Well, enjoy. :aww:
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I just had this weird glitch in my Pokemon Silver version for Gameboy Color and I don't know why it happened.

I went to a Pokemon Center to deposit a Pokemon from my party, after I do so I open the Box to withdraw another Pokemon. All of a sudden I see this Celebi and I never had one and it was named Scyther. I withdraw it and I take it out into battle and it becomes a Scyther and when it gains EXP. the whole bar fills up then it lowers down to a little bit and it doesn't level up at all.

I never had a glitch like this and I just had to share this.
I go to college in October 3rd. Yay! :happybounce:

Well, I got my art/drawing supplies and it's really heavy. :I But, I'm going to have to bear with it!
So yeah, I'm going to go to North Hollywood alone and I gotta take care of myself because the world can be a cold dark place so yeah. :P

Imma be makin' cartoons!
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As you can tell by the title of my journal I have now been accepted into the Art Institute college of North Hollywood California where I will be working on Media Arts and Animation and I will be making cartoons and comic and the like. I will begin in October 3rd and I will pick up my drawing supplies before I do so which is a 40-pound bag of art supplies, that is what my counselor told me, at the end of September. I hope to post new drawings soon because I have had trouble trying to get rid of my hideous Art Block which has haunted me for a very long time.

That is all I have to say for now. :D

May you be blessed! And I shall update my journals some more too, because I don't want anyone to think I'm dead or something. D:

Have a blessed day! :blowkiss:
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My old dog Oreo died last night, I don't know what happened to her but the only thing I knew is that she had breast cancer (Yes, dogs can get it too.) and she was really old. I had her ever since the 1990s but I really don't know what happened...

All I can say now is Rest In Piece.
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