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GiantPurpleCat Commission Sheet by GiantPurpleCat GiantPurpleCat Commission Sheet by GiantPurpleCat
An updated and simple commission sheet for my drawings. If you are interested or have any questions, please note/PM me and we can discuss things.

I also reserve the right to refuse a commission if I do not wish to do it or if I disagree with the subject.

If you wish, look through my gallery for more examples of my art!

:bulletgreen: I accept payments in USD.
:bulletgreen: Payments are up-front and if you wish to see a sketch of your drawing, please message me.
:bulletgreen: If you commission me, you agree that your commissioned artwork is for personal use only and will not be reproduced for profit, or used commercially, unless discussed beforehand.
:bulletgreen: I will post commission art to my DeviantArt page and/or tumblr. If you do not wish for me to post the commission drawing or if you wish to have your name with-held, please let me know beforehand.
:bulletgreen: Please do not remove my signature from your commission drawing.
:bulletgreen: Please do not claim my work as yours.
:bulletgreen: If you wish to post my art on your page, please let me know first and you must credit me.
:bulletgreen: If you give me a descriptive character commission, please be very detailed about the description of your character and do not be vague.
:bulletgreen: The background options are available for all styles.
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June 10, 2016
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